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Holidays are always a much-welcomed chance to put new and special twists on my family and friends’ favorite foods.

This year I revisited and revised some old recipes, to (I think) great success.

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photo credit:’ve got a problem. Don’t worry, it’s a good problem to have, but still perplexing.
The Biggest Boss (higher up on the food chain than The Big Boss) gifted our office some lovely Harry & David pears.
None of us like pears. Like, not even a little bit. Somehow they ended up coming home with me because everyone assumes i’ll at least DO something with then, but what should that something be?

Help me, friends!
What should the bunny do with a box of absurdly expensive fresh  pears?

I’ve been remiss, friends. I’ve taken another long blogging sabbatical (blogatical?)  I was busy, then I was traveling, then my working, then I was sick, Excuses excuses, so on and so forth.
Can I make it up to you?

Fear not, friends. There will be LOTS of cooking this week. Not only is this Thanksgiving week, the holy grail of gluttony in the name of tradition, I’m at my Grandma’s house.
She’s one of my favorite people in the universe and has a kitchen a food nerd could live in forever. Every gadget, appliance, and utensil you can imagine. Cast iron pans seasoned to non-stick and big flavor perfection over 60 years. And a chest freezer that made the trek from NJ to Florida that holds more secrets,tricks, and goodies than Marry Poppins’ carpet bag.
This is gonna be fun.
I came in from seeing my auntie perform in an amazing show last night to find pork chops thawing in the sink. I scrounged around the fridge and freezer, and this is what we got.

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Apps are done, lets get down to business. MEAT.  No narrative today, grab some limes and parsley and get to it.

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I like the idea  of veggie platters but generally scoff at crudités. It seems like the kind of thing that person who’s always on a diet brings to the party just to make everyone else feel bad. If you’ve ever talked about how a carrot stick is a special treat because it has sooo much sugar while I’m eating a burger, I’m probably judging you.  If we’re going to make an effort to be healthy, lets at least make it interesting.

I started writing all of this out but the possibilities are endless, so I’ve made you this handy dandy chart. Huzzah!
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I’ll tell you a secret: I have a personal oasis. Tucked in the back of my regular looking house on my regular looking street, I have my own little piece of the great outdoors. Every once in a while I hanker for an apartment with a dishwasher, with a parking space, heck, with fuses that don’t short when i’m running the air conditioner and the microwave at the same time. But I always find myself saying “but it doesn’t have a terrace!”

It’s nice to have a space large enough to entertain (the outdoor space is actually the size of my dining room and guest room put together), and this summer entertain I did! I’ve been friends with Doc Tweety and the talented Food Considered since highschool. We’ve seen each other through puberty, boys, men, men who act like boys, higher education, and general joy, pain, sunshine and rain. Spending time with and cooking for them is always a pleasure.
I made a LOT of food, so keep an eye out as I add recipes throughout this week.

Latin Barbeque
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Please don't lick the monitor, it doesn't taste the same.


Onion Pita / Chili Lime chicken breast + GORB Marmalade  x monterey jack = MAGIC IN YOUR MOUTH.  Buon Appetito, friends.

One more from the Mother’s Day file:   In considering a simple hearty side dish, I wanted flavor and color without a lot of carbs or fat.  Zucchini season is approaching  so it’s an easy find in most farmer’s markets and produce aisles.

Shopping Tip:  For the best tasting and lowest priced produce, always choose something at peak season and farmed locally. Check out this cool website to find out what’s growing in your area: Sustainable Table
Recipe and pics after the jump…
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It started with a phone call from my dad: “Are you coming to the house tomorrow? Get Mom an apple pie and some vanilla ice cream, she’ll like that.”  Did he forget who he was talking to? There are few things I enjoy more than making food for people who really enjoy and appreciate it, and set out early on Sunday morning to collect my Mom’s favorite foods. 3 supermarkets and 2 farmer’s markets later… clearly i’d gotten carried away. Recipes coming!

Mother’s Day Menu

Main Course

Main Course: Crabs, Veg, Bread, Wine


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