I’ll tell you a secret: I have a personal oasis. Tucked in the back of my regular looking house on my regular looking street, I have my own little piece of the great outdoors. Every once in a while I hanker for an apartment with a dishwasher, with a parking space, heck, with fuses that don’t short when i’m running the air conditioner and the microwave at the same time. But I always find myself saying “but it doesn’t have a terrace!”

It’s nice to have a space large enough to entertain (the outdoor space is actually the size of my dining room and guest room put together), and this summer entertain I did! I’ve been friends with Doc Tweety and the talented Food Considered since highschool. We’ve seen each other through puberty, boys, men, men who act like boys, higher education, and general joy, pain, sunshine and rain. Spending time with and cooking for them is always a pleasure.
I made a LOT of food, so keep an eye out as I add recipes throughout this week.

Latin Barbeque





  • White Sangria with Peach and Mango
  •  Red Sangria with Apple and Grape