I’ve been remiss, friends. I’ve taken another long blogging sabbatical (blogatical?)  I was busy, then I was traveling, then my working, then I was sick, Excuses excuses, so on and so forth.
Can I make it up to you?

Fear not, friends. There will be LOTS of cooking this week. Not only is this Thanksgiving week, the holy grail of gluttony in the name of tradition, I’m at my Grandma’s house.
She’s one of my favorite people in the universe and has a kitchen a food nerd could live in forever. Every gadget, appliance, and utensil you can imagine. Cast iron pans seasoned to non-stick and big flavor perfection over 60 years. And a chest freezer that made the trek from NJ to Florida that holds more secrets,tricks, and goodies than Marry Poppins’ carpet bag.
This is gonna be fun.
I came in from seeing my auntie perform in an amazing show last night to find pork chops thawing in the sink. I scrounged around the fridge and freezer, and this is what we got.

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