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I mentioned earlier in the week that I’m on a quinoa kick and have had a fridge full of lobster claws, so lets try something different.  My friends and family love my seafood mac and cheese, but lots of special people in my world are going gluten-free for a variety of reasons. I think this is a great way for someone who is gluten sensitive or insulin resistant to have something creamy and hearty.

Three variations on a theme below – let’s roll, below the cut!


Oooey Gooey Easy Cheesy Quinoa Lobster Bake

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I love seafood. LOVE it. And since Food Considered posted a big honkin’ lobster on her facebook page on the 4th of July, I’ve had crustaceans on the brain. Combine that with other variables including peak season for Jersey corn and tomatoes and an current obsession for quinoa, and the wheels started turning.


Lobster Quinoa Salad

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Holidays are always a much-welcomed chance to put new and special twists on my family and friends’ favorite foods.

This year I revisited and revised some old recipes, to (I think) great success.

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Apps are done, lets get down to business. MEAT.  No narrative today, grab some limes and parsley and get to it.

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