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I like the idea  of veggie platters but generally scoff at crudités. It seems like the kind of thing that person who’s always on a diet brings to the party just to make everyone else feel bad. If you’ve ever talked about how a carrot stick is a special treat because it has sooo much sugar while I’m eating a burger, I’m probably judging you.  If we’re going to make an effort to be healthy, lets at least make it interesting.

I started writing all of this out but the possibilities are endless, so I’ve made you this handy dandy chart. Huzzah!
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Hi Friends!
It’s been a while, and lots has happened. We’ve discussed main courses, desserts, even appetizers. Now lets chat about condiments!

When you’re tired of mustard, sick of salsa, can’t look at mayo another moment, and want to forget you ever heard the word relish, lets look to… Marmalade? Heck yes. Let’s do it, ya’ll.

Not what Paddington was expecting, hm?

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Brought a beautiful salad for lunch today only to find that my homemade garlic lime vinaigrette was kind of cloudy and funky looking after a weekend in my sweltering office. You know all that stuff that gets shoved in the fridge after a lunch meeting until someone decides to clean it out? Time to get creative.

Office Vinaigrette (Creamy honey citrus dressing)

  • 2 packets mayonnaise
  • Honey (or in a pinch, splenda)
  • Lemon or lime juice – snag those leftover slices of lemon for tea that you always have because that one dude doesn’t drink coffee.
  • Salt to taste


Results of The Scrounge


Combine in a coffee cup – hey look, you found a new use for those little plastic stirrers! Pour over salad of choice and enjoy.

This won’t be in heavy rotation but it’s nice to know that I can have semi-homemade even when i’m not at home.

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