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I’m off for warmer climates soon, so i’m posting a dish I made a while ago to get in the Latin spirit. This is almost an exact replica of a dish i had at Cafe Con Leche in January. I was so excited by the flavors and textures that I immediately said “I bet I could do this!” ¬†And I was right.

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This was a busy baking week for me. First the savory thumbprints for the baby shower, and somehow I volunteered to bring cupcakes to a cocktail party on Friday. Unsure where to start, I took a few things into consideration: The hostess is allergic to chocolate, a guest is allergic to cinnamon, and I had a bunch of bananas inching towards rotten on my desk. With those factors in mind, I decided on Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Honey Icing (huzzah!).

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The title of this post comes from one of my lovely co-workers, Katy, who tried the hors d’oeuvres I brought to an office party and apparently fell in love (or at least in deep lust). Everybody say “Hello Katy!”.

Upon reviewing the list of potluck dishes for an upcoming baby shower, I could feel the diabetic coma starting in my (very cute) shoes and climbing to give me a sugar headache. One can only eat but so many cupcakes and the veggie platter just wasn’t feeling indulgent enough. Scrapping my idea for pink and blue cream puffs, it was Google to the rescue! Martha Stewart, harbinger of all things delicious and somehow pretentious and twee all at once, had a great recipe for Ham and Gruyere Thumbprints (pictured above). Perfect! It’s like a salty cookie with cheese, who wouldn’t like that?
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Greetings friends!
Short post as it’s not so much a recipe as “look what I did” but I have at least 4 posts half-started to lots to come this weekend.
Last night I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives which usually elicits reactions of “ew” or “your cardiologist must love you”, but this time I saw something I could actually do with ingredients in the house.
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I feel like i’ve been doing a lot of talking about food and less being about it. Time to shift gears, just in time for Lucky Gnudi Day! It’s a holiday I made up just for this post, aren’t you excited?

Lucky Gnocchi Day is a real thing, which I enjoy celebrating at one of our regular spots, Piola. But a: I don’t have a potato ricer, and a good processor would bring out too much gluten in the potatoes, and b: February doesn’t have a 29th.
(Insert terrible faux Italian accent here) So instead we make Gnudi!
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