Is your breakfast boring? Are you sick of ordinary omelets, tasteless toast, and plain pancakes? Alright, enough alliteration, let’s spice things up!

I’ve been on a serious chai latte kick lately. I’m trying to wean off of coffee (sweet, delicious coffee…*drool*  ) and it’s a decent substitute. An adventure that I haven’t written about yet took me to Kabab King in Queens, NY this summer, and showed me what a proper chai tea could be – rich with layers of spice and complimentary flavors. Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, et al bloomed through my senses and slammed into my brain, causing me to say “where have you been all my life?”  The Tazo concentrate I keep in the fridge at work is a poor substitute but one takes what one can get, dreaming of the next day I’ll have time to hop on the uptown R .
Enough rhapsodizing, let’s cook!
Last week I was playing around and added some chai latte concentrate to an egg white for a french toast. It was good, but I wanted to amp up the flavor and started playing around with ideas.
 Chai French Toast
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