I like the idea  of veggie platters but generally scoff at crudités. It seems like the kind of thing that person who’s always on a diet brings to the party just to make everyone else feel bad. If you’ve ever talked about how a carrot stick is a special treat because it has sooo much sugar while I’m eating a burger, I’m probably judging you.  If we’re going to make an effort to be healthy, lets at least make it interesting.

I started writing all of this out but the possibilities are endless, so I’ve made you this handy dandy chart. Huzzah!

Grilled Veggie Platter Chart (.pdf)

The trick to making this work is 1. prepping the veg properly and 2: balancing flavors. You want some sweet, some salty, and some creaminess, and some acidity. Vegetables with a lower sugar content are going to taste like whatever you make them taste like, so season them up.

Bad Platter:  Portobello Mushroom (meaty , neutral flavor ), Goat Cheese (soft texture, salty) , Hummus (soft texture, salty)
Good Platter: Portobello Mushroom (meaty, neutral flavor), Fontina Cheese (semi-soft, creamy, nutty / salty) , Red Pepper Pesto (semi-liquid, somewhat sweet /acidic)

Start the way we did with the Vegetable Frittata: Clean, slice.  Olive Oil, salt, garlic, fresh herbs of choice (I like rosemary, thyme, or basil).  Marinate 1 hour, then grill to fork tender.

I served yellow squash and zucchini with a low-fat mozz and domestic feta, along with a balsamic vinegar and the GORB Marmalade.  It requires just enough assembly from guests to buy you time to finish prepping / grilling the main course. For an event where people are walking / mingling, serve with pita bread or toasted Italian bread.