I like the idea  of veggie platters but generally scoff at crudités. It seems like the kind of thing that person who’s always on a diet brings to the party just to make everyone else feel bad. If you’ve ever talked about how a carrot stick is a special treat because it has sooo much sugar while I’m eating a burger, I’m probably judging you.  If we’re going to make an effort to be healthy, lets at least make it interesting.

I started writing all of this out but the possibilities are endless, so I’ve made you this handy dandy chart. Huzzah!
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I’ll tell you a secret: I have a personal oasis. Tucked in the back of my regular looking house on my regular looking street, I have my own little piece of the great outdoors. Every once in a while I hanker for an apartment with a dishwasher, with a parking space, heck, with fuses that don’t short when i’m running the air conditioner and the microwave at the same time. But I always find myself saying “but it doesn’t have a terrace!”

It’s nice to have a space large enough to entertain (the outdoor space is actually the size of my dining room and guest room put together), and this summer entertain I did! I’ve been friends with Doc Tweety and the talented Food Considered since highschool. We’ve seen each other through puberty, boys, men, men who act like boys, higher education, and general joy, pain, sunshine and rain. Spending time with and cooking for them is always a pleasure.
I made a LOT of food, so keep an eye out as I add recipes throughout this week.

Latin Barbeque
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Is your breakfast boring? Are you sick of ordinary omelets, tasteless toast, and plain pancakes? Alright, enough alliteration, let’s spice things up!

I’ve been on a serious chai latte kick lately. I’m trying to wean off of coffee (sweet, delicious coffee…*drool*  ) and it’s a decent substitute. An adventure that I haven’t written about yet took me to Kabab King in Queens, NY this summer, and showed me what a proper chai tea could be – rich with layers of spice and complimentary flavors. Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, et al bloomed through my senses and slammed into my brain, causing me to say “where have you been all my life?”  The Tazo concentrate I keep in the fridge at work is a poor substitute but one takes what one can get, dreaming of the next day I’ll have time to hop on the uptown R .
Enough rhapsodizing, let’s cook!
Last week I was playing around and added some chai latte concentrate to an egg white for a french toast. It was good, but I wanted to amp up the flavor and started playing around with ideas.
 Chai French Toast
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The lovely thing about this time of year and living where I live is that I can get excellent ingredients at a fantastic price and cook in or outdoors. Tonight’s dinner was informed almost entirely by what is on sale or in season. I keep meaning to do a post about food shopping, but I rarely go to supermarkets anymore. Maybe once a month i’ll go stock up on protiens, but my weekly shopping happens at specialty stores and markets like East Village Cheese Shop and the Hudson Farmer’s Market (don’t worry, they do have food and not just palm crosses).

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I have SO much to post, but wanted to get this in for the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, Sundays are for brunching. We have even discussed roasted vegetables before, so this is a bit redundant. What started as an excuse to grill outside and use my new springform pan ($3.99 at Ikea, thankyouverymuch) is now in heavy rotation.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the food porn-y pics. I hope you’re inspired to make your own.  The general high protien / low fat-iness of the situation means you have spare calories available to indulge in an extra spicy bloody mary 😉

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Please don't lick the monitor, it doesn't taste the same.


Onion Pita / Chili Lime chicken breast + GORB Marmalade  x monterey jack = MAGIC IN YOUR MOUTH.  Buon Appetito, friends.

Hi Friends!
It’s been a while, and lots has happened. We’ve discussed main courses, desserts, even appetizers. Now lets chat about condiments!

When you’re tired of mustard, sick of salsa, can’t look at mayo another moment, and want to forget you ever heard the word relish, lets look to… Marmalade? Heck yes. Let’s do it, ya’ll.

Not what Paddington was expecting, hm?

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I wrote this a while ago but held off on posting because I was submitted to a contest. I wasn’t selected as a finalist, so here ya go!

Mommy got treats for Mother’s Day, so Daddums deserved something special too, don’t you think?

A word about my Dad. He’s awesome. He’s taught me a lot of things over the years: how to drive, pre-calculus, that you’ll never be bored if you have a book close at hand, and most pertinent to this blog, that good food can nurture the body, heart, soul, and relationships.  I love you, Daddy.

My pops, he loves ice cream, and his favorite is peach ice cream. Of course, I can’t do things the easy way, so we spiced things up.

Grilled Brandied Peach-Honey Ice Cream
Inspired by Ezra Pound Cake

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I took this pic at 6am. Ice cream for breakfast!

My first time flying solo! For a dessert anyway. I came up with this one based on previous ice cream making adventures and common sense, no instructional recipe to follow but the inspiration is Shake Shack’s Coffee & Donut Custard. From what I’ve read, it’s a creamy coffee base with chunks of cake donut. In previous recipes it was more coffee-heavy with coffee grounds adding texture. The Shack always seem to offer it on a day of the week when I can’t / don’t want to trek uptown, so I decided to make my own. My goal was a creamy base with really intense coffee flavor and cake donut mixed throughout. Originally I went for a chocolate and a toasted coconut donut, but then I ate the coconut one (haha).
Lets do this!

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I have a bad habit of saying yes. I say it often, and sometimes without thinking, but always with the best of intentions and for the best reasons. So when my loving family requests delicious treats, the answer has always been and will always be “yes”.
Last week I got an e-mail from HRAuntie asking me to make a tiramisu for my uncle’s birthday. What I learned is that there are many many versions of tiramisu; some are authentic to the point of snobbery, some are corrupted to the point of inedibility.

Did you know?:  “Tiramisu” means “pick me up” in Italian

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