I have SO much to post, but wanted to get this in for the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, Sundays are for brunching. We have even discussed roasted vegetables before, so this is a bit redundant. What started as an excuse to grill outside and use my new springform pan ($3.99 at Ikea, thankyouverymuch) is now in heavy rotation.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the food porn-y pics. I hope you’re inspired to make your own.  The general high protien / low fat-iness of the situation means you have spare calories available to indulge in an extra spicy bloody mary 😉

Marinating in olive oil, kosher salt, fresh garlic


Grilling! Leeks, Zuchinni, Yellow Squash, Bell Peppers

Whipped egg whites, freshly grated parmigana. Yolks patiently waiting to be folded in.


Oh, and bacon. we love bacon. That went on the grill too.


nom nom nom

Released from springform, garnished with salsa.