Brought a beautiful salad for lunch today only to find that my homemade garlic lime vinaigrette was kind of cloudy and funky looking after a weekend in my sweltering office. You know all that stuff that gets shoved in the fridge after a lunch meeting until someone decides to clean it out? Time to get creative.

Office Vinaigrette (Creamy honey citrus dressing)

  • 2 packets mayonnaise
  • Honey (or in a pinch, splenda)
  • Lemon or lime juice – snag those leftover slices of lemon for tea that you always have because that one dude doesn’t drink coffee.
  • Salt to taste


Results of The Scrounge


Combine in a coffee cup – hey look, you found a new use for those little plastic stirrers! Pour over salad of choice and enjoy.

This won’t be in heavy rotation but it’s nice to know that I can have semi-homemade even when i’m not at home.