Sometimes I forget that as a foodie, I speak a different language than non-foodies.

A real conversation I had 10 minutes ago: 

Me: i’ll be up for a while, i just made a sandwich and i have ziti in the oven

Me: the ziti was originally to eat but its still half frozen, haha

Him: Man, I want to be there.

Me: you want to go to there?

Him: I MIGHT have half a bowl of cereal in the house.

Him: No, THERE. Where you are. You have food.

Me: i like having food in my house

Me: mostly because i dont like to plan ahead so i never know what i want to eat until i’m cooking

Him: I can’t keep too much food because I never cook like I intend to and it just goes to waste.

Me: well whatever your day off is, take 2 hours to do all your mies en place and make 2 casseroles and a fritatta

Me: and a roast chicken

Him: …

Him: You’ve exceeded my capabilities.

Me: divide the casseroles into 3 servings, an freeze 2 of each. that leaves you with 2 servings in your fridge and 4 in your freezer.

Me: the fritatta will get you through the week

Him: What’s a fritatta?

Me: eat the chicken wings, thighs, and legs with each meal, and slice the breasts for sandwiches and salads

Me: it’s an egg pie. like a quiche without a crust

Me: it was created as a way to use up leftovers

Me: so if you have a handful of potato, a little onion, a bit of red pepper. maybe a slice of bacon and the last of your shredded cheese. all of those things alone are not enough to fill you, but bind them with a few eggs and slice, and ka-pow, you have breakfast for the week

Him: …

Me: if you keep doing that i’m going to copy and paste this whole convo onto my blog

I’ve been thusly reminded that not everyone watches as much Top Chef  (or 30 Rock) as I do. This blog should be enjoyed by everyone; I promise to use plainspeak as often as possible, friends. And if I forget, just give me a lengthy  blank stare. I’ll catch on eventually. 

Image credit: Serious Eats