I’m eating a sandwich, and I refuse to feel bad about it.

My environment tells me I’m not supposed to enjoy this.
I sat here for 30 minutes wondering what in my parents house I could even eat before giving in. I’m not in my safe zone in my apartment, where the “bad” things are not an option.

Whole wheat bread? You’re not supposed to eat bread at all. Cheese? Paleo says no dairy. That mayo isn’t fat free. How dare you even look at salami. Didn’t make that turkey yourself? The sodium in deli meat is through the roof.

The commercials ask “Doesn’t this look delicious?” before the news says ” Yeah, you can’t have it.” A neverending cycle of “nyah nyah nyah keepaway”.

Guilt is an emotion with diminishing returns. Shame is fruitless. Deprivation leads to depression. The theme for this blog has been and will continue to be Acknowledge Your Desires. Self awareness and self-acceptance is the road to health.

I’m at my parent’s house, where I am warm and safe and loved.  I am eating a sandwich, and it’s delicious.


Thank you to Beth for sharing her story, which inspired thios post, and educating about National Eating Disorders Week.